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                                                                    DARA SINGH
                              CHINNA ANNAAMALAI

  I am now writing what I read somewhere many years ago. May be some details might differ. But the general story is the same.
    King Kong and Dara Singh were great names in World Class Wrestling about 60 years ago.
    Both of them showed a mutual rivalry and hatred for each other.
    Their wrestling bouts were full of name-calling and abuse.
    Once, they had a match in Bombay.
    This wasorganised by the great showman, writer, novelist, activist, and film-maker - Chinna Annaamalai.

    Just a few days before the scheduled fight in Bombay, Dara Singh and King Kong arrived in Bombay.
    It so happened that on one particular day, Dara Singh walked into a shop which was selling glassware, ornamental pieces, crockery, chandeliers, etc.
    He was inspecting some of the ware and asking the price.

    It so happened that who else but King Kong sauntered into the very same shop.
    There he started using abusive language against Darah Singh.
    Darah Singh also gave back and the exchange became hotter and hotter.
    Suddenly King Kong landed a punch on Darah Singh. Darah Singh retaliated in kind.
    Pushing and pulling each other, they broke a lot of glasses. In fact King Kong started throwing some of them.
    Of course the shop keeper was howling in desparation.
    What else can he do?
    All this commotion drew a very big crowd. Who would not like to see Darah Singh-King Kong fight free of cost? Especially in a glassware shop
in a very busy street? In down town Bombay?

    Some of the onlookers stopped the fight.
    It so happened that Chinna Annamali was also one of the onlookers.
    He told fighting duo to settle their scores in the wrestling ring when their bout took place. And not in a shop like this.
    Very reluctantly they agreed. But still exchanging vulgar words and gestures.
    They then went their ways.

    This incident was duly reported by all papers, most of which carried
the story with headlines.
    Word spread like wild fire.
    Not only the Bombayites, but the people from afar off also came to see the match where Darah Singh and King Kong would settle their grudge.
    Tickets were sold out.
    But the crowd would not go back.
    So the people were crammed into the stadium as much as possible. Of course for the normal ticket fare.
    And the fight took place.
    It broke all records for a wrestling match box-office collection.
    The glassware shopkeeper was at the ring-side enjoying the fight for the second time.
    And he was grinning and beaming with all smiles.
    Why would'nt he?
    He had already been paid Rs.17000 for the broken glassware and the damages caused to the shop.
    This amount was more than the total damages.
    Because he had played his part very well. According to script.
    But then the organiser of the match had made many many many times more than he could ever have dreamt of.

    Thanks to Chinna Annamalai.

    If he had been around and if you had happened to have asked him, he would certainly have winked at you and said,



Sunday, 18 May 2014



There is a special worship which can be done to Murugan.
This has been prescribed by Devaraya SwamigaL, the author of Kandhar Shashti Kavacam.
There are many people who do this on the sixth day of Kandhar Shashti as a special pujai.
Devaraya SwamigaL has mentioned about it in his Kandhar Shashti Kavacam of Thiruchendur.
You can read/recite the whole Kandhar Shashti Kavacam 36 times.

According to the Thiruchendhur Kavacam - i.e. 2nd Kavacam -

The Kandhar Shashti Kavacam should be recited and meditated upon with the fullness of the mind, with oneness of mind, love for the Lord, without any trepidation of the mind, after cleansing the body, two times a day.

Those who perform this regular worship, can perform the special pujai of 'The Thirty-six Recitation' ritual. This is a prayOgam. Devaraya SwamigaL enumerates the boons and blessings that can be obtained through this performance.

"Those who recite 36 times and with affection and the vibhuthi,
will get the following boons.......

Those who reside within the eight directions will fall within your power;
the eight lords of the directions will do your bidding;
your enemies will be subdued and subjected;
the nine planets will be satiated and pleased and will give all the good;
the reciter will attain beauty of form like a new manmathan - the Lord of Beauty and Love
The reciter will live with sixteen pERu boons.
Murugan's hand's vEl is the basis for the Kavacam.
And if it is seen in the proper perspective and feeling, it stands out as the Divine Truth.
If you look at demons and evil spirits, they will be scared out of their wits.
It will crush evil people to dust.
It will dance within the memories of good people.

Times have changed.
Twice a day schedule has become difficult.
Murugan is magnanimous.

If you want to do it, if you feel like doing it, if you feel the necessity, then please feel free to do it.
When and where possible.
It is the mind-set which matters most,   

This can be done in front of a picture of Murugan or
any Murugan sannidhi.
Six-faced Murugan with VaLLi Deyvayaanai on a mayil
with vEl is optimum.

Don't worry if you dont have a picture.

Just make the aavaahaNam within your mind.

manamE Muruganin mayil vaahanam'.
Light a small lamp.
A small utensil of water.
Honey or panchamidham. Or anything that you can offer.
Even plain sugar.

Take a small plate - brass or copper if possible.
Spread some vibhuthi.

Write the aaRumuga chakkaram in it.
(Two interlacing overlapping triangles).

Start from the top triangle and write the syllable 'sa'.
Clockwise - 2nd triangle - 'ra'
3rd - 'ha'
4th - 'Na'
5th - 'ba'
6th - 'va'
In the central hexagon write 'Om'

Take 36 flowers.

Start with a prayer to Vinayagar.

Think of Murugan as the MahaGuru.
Chant within your mind, the Shataakshara(Shataatchara)
108 times - 'sarahaNabhava'. 'Om' before the manthra.
(Note - its 'ha').
And also after the completion of the whole pujai.

Recite the Kandhar Shashrti Kavacam 36 times.

With each recitation place one flower in the chakkaram.

After completion, offer the honey as naivedhyam with a drop of water'.

Offer the whole ritual to Murugan as 'samarppaNam' by putting a drop of water by the right side of the picture and the chakkaram.
The Vibhuthi that has undergone the 'uru' can be kept in a receptacle and used for whatever purpose throughout the year.
uyargiri kanagasabaikkOr arasE
mayil nadamiduvOy malaradi saraNam
SaraNam saraNam sarahanabhva Om
SaraNam saraNam shanmugaa saraNam